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Berewood Primary School

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Our staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr R Leigh - Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead and Attendance

Mrs M Carter - Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Nelson - Senior Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss L Annalls - SENCo, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Attendance

Mr I Fogden - School Business Manager


Teaching Staff

Miss K Fitzgerald - YR Rabbits Class

Mrs F Harding - YR Badgers Class

Mrs A Baker - Y1 Willow Class

Miss A Hewitt - Y1 Maple Class

Mrs C Ward/Mrs R Potter - Y2 Birch Class

Miss V Broadbridge - Y2 Oak Class

Miss B Sanderson - Y3 Victory Class

Ms A Green - Y3 Warrior Class

Mrs R Hammond/Mrs L Keable-Hallitt - Y4 Endeavour Class

Mrs N Randall/Mrs L Keable-Hallitt - Y4 Invincible Class

Mr D Langmore - Y5 Apollo Class

Mr J O'Beirne - Y5 Orion Class

Miss L Neal - Y6 Peake Class

Mrs G Roe - Y6 Mae Jemison Class


Other Teachers

Miss Z Barnes (maternity leave)

Miss E Jones (maternity leave)

Mrs L Penfold (maternity leave)


School Direct Trainees

Miss J Heather - Y3 Victory Class

Miss P Wood - Y2 Oak Class



Mrs J Coates

Mrs L Jacobs

Mrs S Palmer


Emotional Literacy Support Assistants

Mrs A Harris

Mrs C Heslop


Teaching Assistants

Miss E Athersuch

Miss S Broadbent

Mrs K Butler

Mrs L Catterall

Mrs J Coates

Mrs K Crowe

Mrs K Edwards

Mr M Freshwater

Mrs K Handy

Mrs L Hallitt

Mrs A Harris

Mrs L Jacobs

Mrs R Keer

Mrs N Lehotova

Miss B Mack

Mr J Maye

Miss A Miah

Mrs M Murphy

Miss C Oatley

Miss T Ponting

Mrs S Palmer

Miss V Reynolds

Mrs A Rickard

Mrs S Rogers

Mrs K Smith


Office Staff

Mrs C Heslop - Attendance

Miss T Rowe


Premises Staff

Mr A Prince – Site Maintenance Co-ordinator