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Berewood Primary School

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Dimensions Curriculum ​​​​​​​

Our curriculum has been specifically designed for our school, collaboratively with the Dimensions Curriculum team and our school staff. 



At Berewood we aim to offer a learning journey that is exciting, engaging, and inspiring - empowering our pupils to think independently and learn collaboratively.

With this in mind, we have implemented a progressive curriculum that is both challenging and experiential, enabling pupils’ learning to be holistic which, in turn, will lead to them becoming well-rounded and happy individuals.

We aim to offer practical, cohesive learning for all, which highlights the importance of human creativity and achievement and leads to the development of educated citizens within our own community and on a wider global scale.

Raising aspirations and encouraging our children to embrace the opportunities for learning and self-development available to them is intrinsic to our curriculum offer.


Rationale for Implementation

We use Dimension’s ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum as the main vehicle for achieving our outlined intent, with a view to providing an ambitious, contemporary, relatable curriculum offer.


This curriculum is underpinned by four highly relevant world issues, known as the four Cs:-







We believe that being able to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas is vital to learning and life as the key to success. Our pupils need to know about all different forms of communication and be able to pick up on social cues, learning how to hold a meaningful two-way conversation from a young age, away from screens. We want to provide the opportunity for our pupils to feel heard and understood. Many of our pupils are not attentive listeners, so we also want them to understand the importance of listening. Using quality spoken English is important and we want our children to be able to communicate in this manner, in different settings, for different audiences.



As a school that represents an increasingly diverse demographic, we want our pupils to understand the wider world and their place in it. We want to challenge mind sets and help them to become more outward-facing. It is important to prepare and equip them for future experiences by helping them appreciate and understand cultural similarities and differences. We are passionate about providing more opportunities for our pupils to learn about other cultures.

We actively and explicitly promote cross-cultural respect, tolerance and understanding, linked to British Values and PSHE through our ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum.



All pupils will undoubtedly encounter conflict in life. Conflict resolution is so important in terms of wellbeing and being able to deal positively with confrontation on a personal level will stand pupils in good stead for adult life and help them to lead happier lives.

We want them to understand the different drivers and markers for conflict and learn about current conflicts, not just the World Wars. Having a developed understanding of sources of conflict and recognising the impact that conflict can have on relationships on a personal, local, national and international scale, we believe, will make a difference to their own choices.

Effective communication is vital to working positively through conflict and we want to help our pupils to learn how to disagree well.



Our school has been built with many energy saving ideas. For example, we have solar panels, automatic lights with movement sensors, ventilation system that pumps hot and cold air around the building and windows that close automatically at the first sign of moisture. Given our expansive outdoor area, we would also like to develop its use through our curriculum.

Our pupils are already very passionate about sustainability. However, it needs to be linked to their own experiences. We want our pupils to be a community who problem-solve and work as stewards, locally as well as nationally and globally to leave a positive legacy. We also want them to be socially conscious, active global citizens, who question and challenge what is necessary.


We also encourage our pupils to have high aspirations by teaching them about human creativity and achievement through additional Competency Units about famous figures that focus on Creativity, Commitment, Courage and Community.


We do hope you find this information helpful. Please see information sheets for each new topic under the different year group tabs, that tell you what we are learning and ways that you can support your child. It goes without saying that reading is key to every curriculum so please continue to share books with your child or ask them about what they are reading. We will include suggested books for each topic which will hopefully help you to know what books are appropriate for your child.