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Berewood Primary School

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Paper Olympics

Two of the other activities judged in our competition were the tallest paper tower and the strongest bridge. Teams of about six worked together to build these structures using only paper and cellotape they were then decorated with positive comments you could use online.

All in all this was an amazing day which we all hope to do again soon.

Written by: Katherine and Toby

A few comments about the day...

“If you are online be safe. Don’t give away your privacy!” Ruby Yr5

“It was inspiring to work with the younger children. I learnt to listen to others ideas.” Toby Yr6

“Don’t post pictures in your school uniform.” Katherine Yr6

“If you work as a team it will be much easier.” Taylor-Belle Yr2

“If you go online some people can be mean. You can block them.” Zac Yr1

“Never give away your privacy.” “Working as a team can be fun!” Katie Yr4

“If your friends are mean to you on the internet you can block them.” Oscar Yr1

“If someone is being mean to you tell an adult.” Hollie Yr 2

“If you go on the internet and someone’s name comes up and they said something mean you can delete it and block them.” Summer Yr3

  • Paper Olympics5

    Paper Olympics5.jpeg
    Paper Olympics5
  • Paper Olympics

    Paper Olympics.jpeg
    Paper Olympics
  • Paper Olympics3

    Paper Olympics3.jpeg
    Paper Olympics3
  • Paper Olympics4

    Paper Olympics4.jpeg
    Paper Olympics4
  • Paper Olympics6

    Paper Olympics6.jpeg
    Paper Olympics6
  • Paper Olympics2

    Paper Olympics2.jpeg
    Paper Olympics2